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Rockin' Cakes Bakery was born out of my passion to create something homemade and from the heart, that would make any celebration even more special.  


My love to create memorable experiences can be traced back to the women that helped raise me.  As a little girl, I can remember the excitement when my Grandma Darlene called every year to find out what kind of birthday cake I wanted.  It was always met with much anticipation to see what the cake would look like when it arrived decorated with my favorite character or interest that year.


I have also been blessed to have been surrounded by two very crafty women.  My Mom and Grandma Marge always found a way to put their special touch on any occasion (long before Pinterest was around).  Whether it was the perfect centerpiece, decor, or menu, you know they put a lot of thought into creating the ideal gathering.


It's through these small, handcrafted details and gestures that they showed their love for their families and friends.  This has been instilled upon me and I truly believe that there is no better feeling than knowing that you made someone's day a little bit brighter by doing something special for them.  This is what we strive to do at Rockin' Cakes Bakery, through our custom cakes and cupcakes.


-Michelle (Rock) Kocina, Owner & Master Creator

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